You will have to first purchase credits. After you made a payment, contact us via email and provide us information regarding the payment (amount, date, payment through which channel) and leave down your name and mobile phone number so that we can contact you as soon as possible.

Tips will be sent via SMS messages or by e-mail. You'll receive SMS messages or e-mail messages at least 4 hour before the start of the game.

Our tips are at least 75% accurate. If you purchase our bulk package and we fail to achieve this result, we will refund you 50% cash for the amount you paid, plus we'll throw in another 50% discount on any tips packages you choose for the following season. No questions asked. Period.

Our refund system is based on per credit basis. For example, if you received 30 tips from us in which 20 won and 10 lost, only 10 credit will be deducted from you account. Likewise, if we gave 20 lost tips and only 10 won, your account will receive +10 credit free of charge.